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My images are avail­able for licens­ing or prints.  Prints are archival pig­ment only in mat­te, semi-gloss, or satin fin­ish­es.  Nom­i­nal sizes means that the print will be approx­i­mate­ly the size indi­cat­ed. This depends on the ratio of width to height of the orig­i­nal image. Some images have a 1.3:1 ratio, oth­ers have a 3:2 ratio, or 4:3, or 1.78:1, etc.  If you spec­i­fy a height or width, the oth­er dimen­sion will be the size that the ratio dic­tates.

I super­vise or direct­ly print each image to ensure its qual­i­ty. Sizes and prices are as fol­lows, and ship­ping and insur­ance are addi­tion­al:

Nom­i­nal 8 x 10 = $55 Nom­i­nal 20 x 24 = $435
Nom­i­nal 11 x 14 = $125 Nom­i­nal 24 x 30 =$450
Nom­i­nal 16 x 20 = $250 Nom­i­nal 40 x 60 = $675


Please con­tact me with the image name and num­ber of the print you would like to pur­chase, or to dis­cuss licens­ing an image.  You may use the com­ment box below, or use my con­tact form on the Con­tact page.  Thank you.

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