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My images are available for licensing or prints.  Prints are archival pigment only in matte, semi-gloss, or satin finishes.  Nominal sizes means that the print will be approximately the size indicated. This depends on the ratio of width to height of the original image. Some images have a 1.3:1 ratio, others have a 3:2 ratio, or 4:3, or 1.78:1, etc.  If you specify a height or width, the other dimension will be the size that the ratio dictates.

I supervise or directly print each image to ensure its quality. Sizes and prices are as follows, and shipping and insurance are additional:

Nominal 8 x 10 = $55 Nominal 20 x 24 = $435
Nominal 11 x 14 = $125 Nominal 24 x 30 =$450
Nominal 16 x 20 = $250 Nominal 40 x 60 = $675


Please contact me with the image name and number of the print you would like to purchase, or to discuss licensing an image.  You may use the comment box below, or use my contact form on the Contact page.  Thank you.

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Libba Beerman February 24, 2015 at 4:16 PM

My comment, :Lovely work, especially; old janitors at RCA building, sunsets, nature, well so many specials. Wish I was acquiring instead of deaccessing. Libba


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